Accredited Service Provider Level 2

ASP Level 2 – Grade ‘A’

What is an Accredited Service Provider Level 2?

An ASP Level 2 contractor is a company licensed to work on electricity distribution network assets between the point of common coupling and the point of supply, including:

Our Level 2 ASP Electrical Services

Wilken is formally accredited as a Level 2 ASP (Accredited Service Provider) Grade ‘A’ #1727. We hold ASP Level 2 Accreditation with all NSW energy providers including Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy.

Installation, connection and relocation of overhead service lines to the point of common coupling, replacement of fuse(s) etc.

Installation, disconnection, connection and reconnection of underground service lines up to the point of supply.


Switchboards & RMU

Installation of high voltage switchboards, RMU, SMU, mains upgrades as well as high voltage switchgear.

Private Power Pole installations including High and Low Voltage Cable jointing, live pot end seals, T-jointing, paper-lead jointing, substation “fit offs” and cable testing.


Electricity Meter Installation

Electricity Meter installation and removal of whole current metering equipment in accordance with the local distributor’s standards.

Issuing of electrical defect notices for significant non-conformance to specifications, material and/or project drawings.

Level 2 ASP Sydney

Service work/connection services

Level 2 Electrician NSW

Our strengths include all aspects of underground, overhead, cable laying and chamber substation works. To support these services, we employ on average, 50 staff members and support them with the latest tools and equipment. We also own and maintain modern plant, equipment and tools as per Level 2 ASP requirements. You can read more about the requirements on the website. Our Level 2 ASP electricians are accredited with qualifications and training that include:

  • Certificate III in ESI – Power Systems – Distribution Overhead

  • Certificate III in Electrotechnology – Electrician

  • Distrbution Cable Jointing

  • Formally registered with the Accredited Service Provider Scheme

If you’d like to discuss your project or have questions about contestable vs non-contestable works please don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff.

Connection of Power Pole
NECA member

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 Electrician?

In Australia, the terms Level 1 and Level 2 electricians refer to different classifications of electricians who are accredited service providers (ASPs) with the ability to carry out work on or near the electrical supply network.

A Level 1 electrician is essentially a network ASP. They are licensed to perform connection, reconnection, and disconnection work directly on the electricity network, which is typically owned and operated by electricity network operators such as Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, or Essential Energy. This usually involves complex tasks such as constructing and maintaining overhead and underground electrical services, as well as major alterations to the network infrastructure.

On the other hand, a Level 2 electrician, or a Level 2 ASP, can perform a different range of tasks. They are qualified to work both on the network and the consumer side of the point of supply. This can include tasks such as the installation, repair, and maintenance of overhead and underground service lines between the network and the premises. They can also manage the installation, disconnection, and reconnection of electric meters, including the necessary disconnect and reconnect services.

Further, Level 2 ASPs can handle tasks related to creating new connections to the electrical grid, or modifying existing ones, such as during construction or renovations. If there’s a need for fault finding and repairs, or emergency electrical services, a Level 2 ASP is often the right professional to call.

When a Level 2 ASP completes work, they usually issue a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW) to certify that their work complies with Australian Standards (like AS/NZS 3000:2018 – the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules) and has been performed according to the appropriate safety and technical standards.

Regardless of their level, all electricians must adhere to the Electrical Safety Rules and Regulations overseen by New South Wales Government and enforced by organizations like WorkCover NSW. If disputes or issues related to their work arise, the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) or the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) may get involved. Consumers’ interactions with these electricians are also subject to Energy Consumer Rights.

Finally, it’s important to note that transitioning from a Level 1 to a Level 2 electrician involves additional electrical training and certification, and the process is regulated by industry bodies such as the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA).

In summary, while both Level 1 and Level 2 electricians have important roles in the electrical services industry, their functions, responsibilities, and the nature of the work they carry out can be quite different.

Looking for a Level 1 ASP?

Wilken are also a Level 1 Accredited Service Provider. Find out more.

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