Level 1 ASP

What is an Accredited Service Provider Level 1?

ASP Level 1 contractors are licensed to carry out electrical and civil engineering work for both underground and overhead projects. They have the skills to complete a wide range of electrical services, from minor connections to extensive infrastructure setups.

All companies and their workers and sub-contractors who wish to do design or contestable work on or near the electrical distribution network must be accredited and/or registered with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, as well as authorised in the appropriate level and class as an Accredited Service Provider (ASP).

According to the accreditation scheme from NSW Trade & Investment which has been recognised by the Minister for Resources and Energy under clause 88 of the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2001, Level 1 ASPs undertake work to extend the overhead or underground electricity network or to increase the capacity of the existing network.

The Electricity Supply Act 1995 establishes the framework for competition in the design, construction and installation of electricity works that comprise or are connected to the electricity distribution networks in NSW.

Our Level 1 ASP Services

Wilken Service Pty Ltd is Wilken Groups High Voltage and Level 1 ASP portion of the company. We hold ASP Level 1 Accreditation with all NSW energy providers including Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy.

Zone, Chamber and Padmount Kiosk Substations, including transmission lines, earthing grid, 33kV cabling, 11kV cabling.

Electricity Pole

Overhead (O/H)

Overhead power lines, Pole erection, tower construction, conductor stringing and tensioning, luminaire erection, pole substation construction etc.

Underground power lines, Cable trench excavation, duct laying, cable pit construction, pillar installation, cable laying and jointing etc.

High Voltage and Low Voltage Cable jointing, live pot end seals, T-jointing, paper-lead jointing, substation “fit offs” and cable testing.

Streetscape, Street lights, traffic lights and signals, parks and landscaping, subdivision reticulation lighting.

Project Management


Wilken has competent staff to liaise with the supply authorities and customers throughout the project to overcome unforeseen obstacles.

Underground Cabling - ASP Level 1

Construction of network assets

Level 1 Electricians

Our strengths include all aspects of underground, overhead, cable laying and chamber substation works. To support these services, we employ on average, 50 staff members and electricians. We also own and maintain modern plant, equipment and tools as per ASP Level 1 requirements. Our Level 1 ASP staff are accredited with qualifications and training that include:

  • Certificate III in ESI – Power Systems – Distribution Overhead

  • Certificate III in Electrotechnology – Electrician

  • Formally registered with the Accredited Service Provider Scheme

Substation Earthing
NECA member

Level 1 Service Provider Definitions

Wilken Service Pty Ltd is authorised for Class 1A, 1B, 1C and 1X works as follows:

Class 1A

Overhead – work on or near the overhead electricity network. Including:

  • the laying and stringing of electricity cables as well as the jointing of cables
  • erecting electricity poles and excavating underground cable trenches
  • ‘line work’ such as working with live electricity cables (but not live High Voltage)
  • building or working on or inside electricity distribution sub-stations; and
  • construction work that may include the use of plant and equipment.

Class 1B

Underground Paper lead and Polymeric – work on or near the underground electricity network, including polymeric and paper lead cables:

  • cable trench excavation
  • duct laying
  • cable pit construction
  • pillar installation
  • cable laying and jointing
  • street lighting works comprising underground standard erection
  • cable laying and luminaire erection and substation construction

Class 1C

Underground Polymeric only – work on or near the underground electricity network as described for Class 1B but excluding work on paper lead or CONSAC cables.

Class 1X

Non-electrically qualified. This class allows non-electrically qualified personnel to be registered with the ASP Scheme in accordance with the Scheme Rules. It also allows application to be made to a distributor for authorisations not covered in the Scheme Rules, where the requirements for those authorisations are set by the Distributors. Examples of specific authorisations that may be required by a distributor include:

  • electrical trade related works performed by electrical trades apprentices covered by a training contract that may be required to work on or near the network under direct and constant supervision of an appropriately authorised person
  • work performed by persons engaged by a telecommunications network operator on telecommunications assets attached to electricity network operator assets
  • trades assistant work such as safety observer, rescue assistant and plant operator

Looking for a Level 2 ASP?

Wilken are also a Level 2 Accredited Service Provider. Find out more.

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