Tools and equipment for Level 2 ASP

Level 2 Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) in Australia undertake specialised electrical work, including connecting and maintaining underground and overhead service lines. This requires a comprehensive set of tools and equipment to ensure both safety and efficiency. Let’s explore the essential categories of Level 2 ASP equipment and their significance in the field.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Your First Line of Defense

Safety is paramount for Level 2 ASPs. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) forms the foundation of a safe working environment.

Essential PPE for Level 2 ASPs:

  • Arc Flash Protection: Shields your face and head from potential arc flash incidents.
  • Insulating Gloves: Protect against electrical shocks when working on live conductors. Options include both 500V and 1000V rated gloves depending on the voltage levels encountered.
  • Leather Over Gloves: Provide mechanical protection for your insulating gloves against cuts, abrasions, and punctures.
  • Safety Glasses: Shield your eyes from debris and potential arc flashes.
  • Hard Hats: Protect your head from falling objects and impacts.
  • High Visibility Clothing: Ensures you are easily seen by others, especially in low-light conditions.
  • Fall Arrest Systems: Crucial when working at heights, these systems prevent falls and mitigate potential injuries. Harnesses, lanyards, and anchor points are key components.

Additional PPE:

  • Cotton Knitted Glove Liners: Provide an extra layer of comfort and insulation under your insulating gloves.

Remember, selecting and using PPE compliant with Australian Standards and regulations is vital.

High Voltage Tools: Working Safely with Live Conductors

Level 2 ASPs frequently encounter high-voltage equipment and conductors. Specialised tools are essential to ensure safety and prevent electrical hazards.

Key High Voltage Tools:

  • Insulated Tools: These hand tools, such as spanners, screwdrivers, pliers, and cutters, feature insulated handles and coatings to protect against electrical shocks.
  • Voltage Detectors/Indicators: These tools help identify live conductors before work commences, preventing accidental contact and potential shocks. Both contact and non-contact detectors are available.
  • Earthing Equipment: Temporary earthing devices are crucial for grounding electrical systems during maintenance or fault situations. This protects against accidental energization and ensures a safe working environment.

Always choose high-voltage tools that are properly rated and certified for the voltage levels you will be working with.

Cable Locating & Identification Tools: Navigating the Network

Locating and identifying specific cables within a network is a common task for Level 2 ASPs. Specialised tools simplify this process and prevent accidental damage to the wrong lines.

Essential Cable Tools:

  • Cable Locators: These tools use various technologies, such as electromagnetic fields or radio frequencies, to trace the path of underground or concealed cables.
  • Fault Finders/Tracers: These tools help pinpoint the location of faults or breaks within cables, enabling efficient repairs.
  • Cable Identification Tools: These tools help identify and differentiate specific cables within a bundle or network, ensuring you are working on the correct line.

Using the appropriate cable locating and identification tools saves time and reduces the risk of errors during maintenance or installation tasks.

Fluke cable locator

Testing Equipment: Ensuring Electrical Integrity

Testing equipment plays a critical role in verifying the functionality and safety of electrical systems. Level 2 ASPs utilize various testing tools to diagnose issues and ensure proper operation.

Common Testing Equipment:

  • Multimeters: Versatile tools for measuring voltage, current, resistance, and other electrical parameters.
  • Insulation Resistance Testers: These tools assess the integrity of electrical insulation, identifying potential weaknesses that could lead to faults or hazards.
  • Earth/Ground Resistance Testers: These tools measure the resistance of grounding systems to ensure they provide adequate protection against electrical faults.
  • Neutral and Supply Testers: Specifically designed to verify the correct identification of active, neutral, and earth connections before energizing a new installation.
  • Load Testing Equipment: Used to simulate electrical loads and test the performance of circuits and equipment under various conditions.

Proper testing procedures with reliable equipment are essential for maintaining the safety and functionality of electrical systems.

Neutral and supply tester

Work Access & Safety Equipment: Reaching New Heights Safely

Level 2 ASPs often work at heights on overhead power lines or in challenging environments. Specialised equipment ensures safe access and fall protection while performing these tasks.

Key Access & Safety Equipment:

  • Pole Top Rescue Kits: These kits provide the necessary equipment to safely rescue a worker who has become incapacitated while working at heights on a pole.
  • Elevated Work Platforms: These platforms, such as cherry pickers or scissor lifts, provide safe and stable access to elevated work areas.
  • Hot Sticks: Insulated poles used to operate switches, replace fuses, or perform other tasks on live electrical equipment while maintaining a safe distance.
  • Insulated Platforms: Provide a safe working surface when working on or near live conductors.
  • Switchboard Safety Equipment: Includes insulated drapes and barriers to protect workers from accidental contact with live components within switchboards or substations. Rescue kits are also available for switchboard environments.

Always prioritise safety when working at heights or in challenging environments. Choose the appropriate access and safety equipment for the task at hand and ensure it meets Australian Standards.

Other Tools & Accessories: Enhancing Efficiency & Performance

In addition to the core categories of Level 2 ASP equipment, various other tools and accessories contribute to efficiency and successful project completion.

Useful Tools & Accessories:

  • Wire Strippers: Efficiently remove insulation from wires of various sizes and types.
  • Cable Cutters & Crimpers: Essential for cutting and joining cables during installation or repair tasks.
  • Linesman’s Wire Scratch Brush: Used to clean conductors and ensure good electrical connections.
  • Insulated Mats: Provide a safe working surface and protect against electrical shocks when working on or near live equipment.
  • Service Line Tools: Specialised tools designed for working with aerial bundled cables (ABC), including come-alongs, tensioners, and test points.
  • Fuse Removal Tools: Safely remove fuses from fuse holders or disconnectors.
  • Test Lamps: Used to verify the presence of voltage or continuity within a circuit.
  • Torque Screwdrivers: Ensure proper tightness of electrical connections, preventing damage to equipment or loose connections.
  • Street Light Tools: Specialised kits for the installation and maintenance of street lighting systems.

Choosing the right tools and accessories can significantly improve your productivity and the quality of your work.