The Ribbon Project Darling Harbour

The Ribbon Project Darling Harbour 2019-04-11T01:12:01+10:00

Project Description

Project Location: Darling Harbour. Sydney

Company: Wilken Service

Client: Grocon


Wilken has been engaged for 2 Level 1 Projects on this site.

The first project to be undertaken is the installation of a new set of 200mm Conduits form the Ausgrid vault under the off ramp adjacent to the site to a 33kV pit that is situated in the middle of the site.
These conduits form an alternative path way for the 33kV Transmission cables that currently feed Barangaroo which run underneath the building footprint of the new Ribbon Project.

These works provide Ausgrid with an alternative pathway for future use to install new cables if required.

The second project is to construct 2 x City Type OAFD Surface Chamber Substations on the Ribbon site to supply the necessary electrical supply to the New Ribbon Project.

Wilken will be installing all the necessary Conduit reticulation for the 2 x Chamber substations to link these new Chambers into the existing Ausgrid Network.

Wilken is installing all the Protection panels, DLAC protection, 1500kVA transformers and HV and LV switches to the Chambers and running the HV and LV cable to link up the chambers.

Project Details